New Years Goals (not resolutions)

Is it seriously already January 14th? Where, oh where, did the last 2 weeks go?

Ok, so I’m a wee bit behind (as usual), but I have been reflecting on some New Year’s goals. I don’t really like the term “resolution” because it’s cliché, and feels faddy and trendy, and I don’t really do that. I call them “goals” because they’re something to strive for, not some black and white commitment that I’ll probably screw up on and then feel like a failure.
My overall goal for the new year is Mental Health. I’m not generally an unhealthy person, but 2012 presented some health challenges that were mostly mental and emotional. Namely, stress-induced-anxiety. (You can read more about that here.) I have fallen into common mom-trap of focusing so much on doing everything for my home and family, that my own mental/emotional health gets neglected (see cartoon below – this actually happened in my life). This in turn causes physical health problems to crop up: exhaustion, headaches, backaches, etc.
These are the ways I am going to take better care of myself in the coming year:

1. Continue on my healthy eating journey, a.k.a. The Farm Diet, to the best of my ability.
2. Go to bed (lights off, going to sleep ), at 10:00 on school nights, which means stopping for the night at 9:00 to begin the getting-ready-for-bed routine. This is hard because it’s about 8:00 by the time the kids are all tucked in bed, so that only gives me an hour of “me time” in the evenings. But I think being well rested will prove to have a better impact on my health overall.
3. Take more time for myself without feeling guilty about it. Once a week or so I will take a couple hours to just chill. This is really hard for me. Besides the kids needing to be cared for every second of the waking day, there is always stuff nagging at the back of my mind that needs to get done. I need to work on quieting the voices of the household chores.
4. Hubby and I have decided to start giving ourselves a weekly “allowance.” Personal cash, for anything. I am excited about this. I have lots of ideas. A latte at the Daily Grind, paying someone to clean my house (I know that sounds boring, but it would take such a burden off me!), a new pair of jeans or shoes or something fun every now and then. This is hard for me too. I feel guilty spending money on myself.
5. Control my anger and anxiety. I have several techniques for this: drinking tea, taking deep breaths. Recognizing signs BEFORE I blow up instead of after. I also think (hope) that my other mental-health goals will help with this.
6. Overall, I want to let go of my need to fulfill every need of everyone, all the time. To be ok with doing my best, and not worrying about what I can’t do. It’s more of an attitude adjustment. A redirection of thought.
I think I will be a better parent by letting go of some of the “to do’s” and making sure that I stay healthy, mentally, emotionally AND physically.

What are some of YOUR New Year’s goals?

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