Unplugged: S2:E2 – Post Vacation Ups and Downs

There are some really great things about coming home from vacation:

1. Sleeping in your own bed

2. If the kids are destroying the house, at least it’s your own house

3. When the kids want to get up at 6am and run around screaming and playing the drums, at least there isn’t someone trying to sleep in, in every room in the house.

4. Getting back to the routine, putting some structure back into our day-to-day lives

I woke up Friday morning, after our trip to MN, feeling optimistic about the above 4 things. It was really great, for about one hour. Then the post-vacation-blues started to sink it:

1. Unloading. Unpacking.

2. No food in the house.

3. Catching up on mail and bills and overdue library books and all that boring stuff you’ve been ignoring while on vacation.

4. Wondering if there’s any money left since the budget has been pretty well ignored on vacation too.

5. Getting back into the boring old routine.

6. Too tired to do anything after spending 11 hours driving the day before, plus 10 days of busy, fun, vacation, visiting, staying up late, waking up early, and sharing a bedroom with 4 kids who cough, grind their teeth, and whine in their sleep.

7. The kids are relentless. All this stuff to do and all they can think about is eating! They want to eat every second!

8. I still hate my dog. (Sorry, but it’s true. It took me about 3 years to stop hating our older dog who is now 7. Puppy is only 1.5, so I have a while to go before she outgrows the puppy stage, which I hate.)

It happens every time. I know if I just do a couple things a day, eventually everything will get done. Well, it actually won’t, I’ve never seen a day when everything got done. I’ll just get so used to seeing an empty cooler in the corner of the kitchen that after a while I won’t even notice it anymore.

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